Golden Hall Award | Huayi won the "Best Hotel and Commercial Space Lighting Brand Award"
Date: 2019-06-19
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Author: 华艺照明
On the evening of April 26, the same event of the Shanghai International Hotel Engineering Design and Supplies Fair, namely the Hotel Plus Golden Palace Award, the Classic Dream Building Future Award Ceremony, was solemnly held at the Jiali Hotel in Pudong, Shanghai. Over 1000 elites from the real estate, hotel, design and supply chain industries witnessed the birth of the award.


With professional lighting solutions, Huayi won the "Best Hotel and Commercial Space Lighting Brand Award". This not only proves that Huayi's contribution to hotels and business places has been affirmed and recognized, but also inspires Huayi's confidence in the field of lighting engineering.


Hotel Plus Golden Palace Award, as a heavyweight award in the construction and decoration industry, aims to commend the excellent brands and designs that lead the trend of the industry. The award is evaluated once a year and can be regarded as a "little golden man" in the industry.

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